Cambridge Branch Lines

Modelling Cambridgeshire Railways in the 1950s

Working towards release

Thu, 10/11/2012 - 18:24 -- ruth

Work hasn’t stopped, but releasing something this size isn’t simple…

We have both been working hard fixing various issues with track and scenery, and identifying rolling stock and other problems, and I believe the release is now imminent. Yay!

One of the changes we have agreed on is the scenario-requirement for the IKE 9F, as it is one of the major freight engines of the time, and i am now working on a scenario “Coal from Newcastle”, which features it.

I have also been working hard on the modelling side too, with a new model (though as yet undetailed) of Newmarket station to show as well as much improved trackwork in that region, and Neil has been working hard on detailing the scenery and improved building models as well.

The route works wonderfully in TS2013, with the smoother graphics and water effects really helping in the wide open vistas the route presents.

Requirements In the last blog post, I mentioned some of the requirements for the route. I believe the complete list will be:

  • Cambridge Lines Route v1.0.5 (Route files)
  • Cambridge Lines Assets #1 v1.0.5 (Bundled Asset Packs)
  • Cambridge Lines Assets #1 v1.0.5 (Custom Asset Pack)
  • Railworks European Legacy Assets pack**
  • Railworks USA Legacy Assets pack**
  • 3DTrains - Rural Landscapes (free or paid-for, your preference)
  • 3DTrains - ScaleRoad (free or paid-for, your preference)
  • RSDL free models pack (DLC) - AP STATIONS PACK (free)
  • RSDL Isle of Wight (Island Line) (payware)
  • Great Northerner Telegraph Poles
  • UKTS_Freeware Pack: Railway_Buildings v1.0.3 (free)
  • UKTS_Freeware Pack: UK_Wagons v1.1.1 (free)
  • UKTS Freeware Pack: Steam v1.1.1 (free)
  • UKTS Freeware Pack: UK Carriages v1.1.2 (free)
  • UKTS 19901 70014_IronDuke
  • UKTS 19914 70014_Iron_Duke_Update_1

** The legacy assets packs are bundled with several of the payware Train Simulator 2013 routes, for example WCML-N has both of them. If you have upgraded your copy of TS2012 to TS2013, you will have them; if your installation is a fresh copy of TS2013 and you have not owned TS2012, you may not have them. To check, in the Steam Library window, right-click on the TS2013 game and select “View Downloadable Content”. You need to ensure the following items are in this list:

  • Railworks 3 Legacy Assets Foliage
  • Railworks 3 Legacy Assets US
  • Train Simulator 2012 - European Community Asset Pack De..

Scenarios The major scenarios in the pack are:

  • Cambs Blank (no stock) - as the name suggests, an empty Free Roam scenario; useful mostly for testing the route loads ok;
  • Newmarket Races - a simple Standard scenario driving a Black5 northbound from Shelford to Newmarket for the Cesarewitch race;
  • Passenger Pick up to St Ives - a standard scenario showcasing the St Ives line on a local passenger train;
  • Coal from Newcastle - a standard scenario driving the IKE 9F with a coal train from St Ives back to the Cambridge “Coal Fields” for distribution.
  • Finally, an early Diesel-era scenario is in preparation…, complete with some suitable assets, just for you Diesel fans!

These will use only the assets indicated above, but the following stock is highly recommended for your own scenarios:

  • UKTS_18448_Ivatt_2mt_V2
  • UKTS 20383 LNER A3 Solario (harveype)
  • UKTS_20551_VickyClass08
  • UKTS_24252_A3_BR_Coronach
  • UKTS_24582_MK2a_wd
  • UKTS_24582_wd_austerity
  • UKTS_24597_mk2_rod
  • UKTS_24920_Gcr_d11
  • UKTS_26449 DT GNR N2