Cambridge Branch Lines

Modelling Cambridgeshire Railways in the 1950s

Working on Eastward

Sun, 06/10/2012 - 15:19 -- ruth

Recently I have been continuing to work on the Newmarket line, having spent a brief spell making fields and orchards at Histon - I've attached a photo of the view to Cawcutts Farm, a central part of the Chivers Fruit farm group.

There have been two sides to the Newmarket line work; I've filled in some parts of the area around East Cherry Hinton and Fulbourn needed it, especially in the field pattern which died out rather towards Teversham, and I have also started to detail the gardens at Cherry Hinton. While the exact detail in such small areas is difficult to arrange for within the constraints of the game, I feel it is important to try, as it makes a huge difference to the realism achieved overall.

Further along the line I have restarted the long haul of field-making in between Six Mile Bottom and Dullingham, which will of course continue on the way to Newmarket. There are a lot of farms hereabouts and the default assets are somewhat lacking in that area, so I may have to divert into farm building creation, or else the area will look awfully repetitive!

On a slightly different tack, I have been building a model of Dullingham Signal Box, which is a typical mid-period GER box of brick construction thankfully still in existence so I have photos of it. Dulingham Station will also be modelled, but finding photos for that is so far proving harder, with just one poor-quality image turning up from my investigations so far. It might be enough, though I'd prefer to find others.