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On Making accurate curves.

Fri, 10/12/2012 - 17:12 -- ruth

I have found a really good way to make a lofted curve+straight, where the straight needs to end at a specific place, and it works for all lofts - fences, track, roads.. The key is usually getting the curve to be of exactly the right length.

What I do now is:

  • do a curve a bit longer than I need
  • add the straight so I get the right length
  • estimate how far out I am, then move (detatch) the straight
  • cut a small amount off the end of the curve
  • rejoin (join tool) the straight to check how far out the far end is now.
  • If I’ve cut too much, undo and remake the cut;
  • ..if too little then cut a bit more (or undo then cut more, if very little as it’s hard to cut a sliver).

With practice you can get it right in a couple of attempts, which is much faster than I’d manage otherwise!

** the “straight” can of course be curved too, but mostly for me it is a straight…