Cambridge Branch Lines

Modelling Cambridgeshire Railways in the 1950s

Downloading the Cambridgeshire Lines

After well over four years of work, we are very pleased to release part 1 of the Cambridgeshire Lines route on UKTrainSim.

This release of the route covers a large swathe of the railways of Cambridgeshire, including in good detail:

  • The Great Eastern main line from Great Shelford to Ely North Junction
  • The St Ives Branch line from Chesterton, Cambridge to St Ives, with less detail out to Huntindon
  • The old LNWR line from Great Shelford down to Royston (on the way to Hitchin and Kings Cross)
  • The Newmarket Line from Coldhams Lane, Cambridge across to Newmarket.

Additionally, there is track laid for:

  • The Coldhams Lane to Burwell section of the Mildenhall line
  • The initial mile or so of the Stour Valley route from Shelford to Haverhill
  • The Ely, Haddenham & Sutton Railway, from St Ives to Ely via Sutton and Haddenham

The route-specific content is available from UKTrainSim in several parts:

In addition there are a number of other elements needed, which are all listed on the info page for the Route - the first link in the list above. The IHH locos are problematic because we can’t mention the supplier on UKTS, so here is the reference:

BR Britannia class loco “Iron Duke” is used in a couple of the default scenarios. It can be obtained from the IHH website at Free Products:

UKTS 19901 70014_IronDuke, 19914 70014_Iron_Duke_Update_1

Some people have missed the 16t mineral wagon repaints we’re using in some places. Although they should be in the Assets they are, for reference,

Please note: there is some evidence that having a large amount of stock or other assets installed in your simulator causes problems for the simulator, and although we have tried to mitigate this, should you have problems loading the route it may well be worth trying loading it on a fresh install of the simulator. You can rename the “railworks” folder (e.g. to “railworks_full”) to keep your existing install, then ask Steam to re-fetch a copy.